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ZipSorter Offset Sorting System

The new ZipSorter™ is designed for mail processing equipment to easily offset your mail pieces for zip and tray breaks making sorting  quick and easy. 

This revolutionary design positions in between your inkjet/tabber base and existing delivery/shingling conveyor.  That’s right!  No need to replace your existing equipment, just move the ZipSorter™ into place and reposition your delivery conveyor. 

No more “jumping” the conveyor to create your breaks.

Never before has offset sorting been more affordable and saved so much labor!


Simply provide a signal to the ZipSorter™ when zip and tray breaks occur.  Built in, adjustable signal delay ensures an accurate sort break every time.

The ZipSorter™  is available in a Left to Right configuration for most inkjet systems and a Right to Left configuration for Swing Arm Inserters.  For swing arm inserters, simply add a camera to your inserter to read the zip/tray marks on the envelope and send a signal to the ZipSorter™.

Starting at $5,999

ZipSorter Brochure


Positions inline over your existing shingling conveyor


Offset bundles "waterfall" onto your existing shingling conveyor

Works with any existing conveyor


Works with any existing conveyor

ZipSorter Videos

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