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About Output Technology

In 2003, Output Technology, Inc. was founded to focus on the market demand for integrated product fulfillment solutions in the Mailing, Packaging, and Print Finishing markets.  Every year we have seen the need for high-quality, modular systems that can be integrated to meet the changing variety of application requirements in the production operations of these industries.

OTI Store

As an industry "go to" company for reconditioned equipment and systems, provides quality replacement parts and belts to customers all across the world.  Regularly maintained equipment will require new belts to sufficiently handle products, and a broken down machine doesn’t mean the end of its usefulness thanks to our supply of new & used replacement parts and brand new belts/rollers/o-rings.  We recognize the value in preserving essential assets, and have committed ourselves to the distribution of an affordable, ever-expanding inventory to assist with continuing the smoothly functioning longevity of equipment.  Learn more at


In 2013, Output Technology brought to market an economical productivity tracking solution called Tracker.  Tracker soon evolved into our current offering, SmartCount.  SmartCount products have evolved into many solutions each designed to be affordable, reliable, and easy to use.  SmartCount products provide real-time visual metrics of how production lines are performing.  Learn more at

Please note, we are not affiliated with Output Technology Corporation or Output, Inc.

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