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Return Policy


The warranty policy at Output Technology, Inc divides its inventory into two categories:

(1) (a) equipment, meaning machines built and designed to do a task reliably and repetitively, standing individually in functionality and purpose, with a defined role whether or not as a part of a collective system and (b) non-consumable parts, meaning moving or stationary items within or attached to equipment that is generally not expected to need replacing; and

(2) consumable parts, meaning moving or stationary item within or attached to equipment that is generally expected to need regular replacement as item ages and/or wears.

Equipment is warranted to be in good working condition when received, and warranted for its non-consumable parts for 60 days from shipment. Equipment is rebuilt and fully tested prior to shipment. Damages caused in shipping are between the purchaser and their carrier. If equipment is not working upon receipt, and was not damaged in shipment, the equipment or non-consumable part may be returned at the shipping cost of the purchaser to Output Technology Inc. where we will replace or repair at our discretion, retest, and return.

Prior to returning any part or equipment, please call to receive and RMA number. All consumable parts are warranted prior to use. If there is an issue with a consumable part the purchaser will need to contact Output Technology, Inc in order to designate the return policy, we will replace at our discretion. All credits are implemented after the return of part.

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